Game Lobby

Is there an example of game lobby/queuing system for a website with elo/rankings?

Making one for csgo and would like to see an example.

If you already have the ELO algorithm in place, it is easy to create a trivial first-hand example:

  • Create your interface consisting of player list, chatroom and whatever else is relevant
  • Also create your interface for joining a game (e.g. a big PLAY button)
  • When play button is pressed, match up with the person who is closest to you in ELO.
  • To match it up, make a list of players ready to play within say 100 ELO from the player who pressed play
  • Sort it according to abs(myElo-theirElo)
  • Pick the top five smallest differences from that list
  • Throw those five into a game together.
  • Now match on team level, pick the team with a total ELO sum as close to your ELO sum as possible.

That’s the basic algorithm. You can also add in a few metrics such as K/D ratio, win streaks and stuff like that, but that’s just easy tweaks.


Is there an example code of this? Like thie UI or those that needs to be in.

I will see if I can code a minimalistic Proof-of-concept. It’s not a hard thing to do but not exactly high priority either. :slight_smile: