Game Engines For Ubuntu? (Closed)

Anyone Know of any good game engines for Ubuntu? I recently changed over from windows to Ubuntu ( and loving every second of it) but I was just getting into unity and cant seem to find any alternatives to unity it self!

I would like the engine to be coded in c++, C#, Python or Java script. so if I want to switch to another engine later I can use the same code and not have to re learn the language again.


Cheers - Josh

This is closed but still available for anyone else interested in this! Unity works on linux

Leadwerks and Unigine also do, I don't know anything about gaming engines but I know that these 3 names got discussed in Linux news and a quick google confirmed support

Does it matter how big the system is?

The Source engine is on Linux, and the CryEngine will be on Linux soon - they are, however, rather big-budget engines, as far as I can tell.

There is Cryengine, Source, Unigine, Unreal 3 and Unity off the top of my head

Serious Engine too

Thanks! These are the engines that I have been looking for. 

While I do like e big budget engines I have been looking for engines like unity.

Thanks anyway!



Unreal Engine 3 is not on Linux, Hopefully UE4 will be.