Gamdias hermes on linux

So i have recently installed linux mint 17.1 cinnamon edition to my desktop. ive got everything to work except my mechanical keyboard. it works on windows but not linux. ive updated the firmware and dwitched to 6-key rollover to see if it more compatible but that has not worked.

there is some firmware that some guy has claimed to worjk if u ask the gamdias support. i have tried to get it but so far they have not given it to me.

i dont want any extra features to work just using the basic keys and such (no G-keys)

What Kernel Version are you on? It might help to update to the newest stable kernel.

3,13, something something. mint has an update manager for the kernel and is up to date

The newest stable Linux Kernel is 3.19.3 so it is possible that a driver update for your keyboard is contained in it as you are many version behind.

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^^^ this +1

i know 3.16 is not the newest but try this link, it is a tutorial on how to upgrade to 13.16 but i think it'll show you the latest ones available by using grep 3.19 instead of grep 3.16.

Be sure when doing this not to remove your older kernels before verifying that the new one is working properly as you may need to switch back to an older kernel for troubleshooting.

Also when updating to a new kernel if you run in to some graphical issues or your Desktop Environment isn't loading then most likely you need to recompile your graphics drivers for the newer kernel.

You can grab the newest kernel at

but make sure you get the newest STABLE or LONGTERM kernel to avoid the bad bugs.

or look at this link

Or you can try your luck with an Ubuntu Kernel... Since Linux Mint and Ubuntu are actually pretty close on their code base.... Have you tried just remapping the generic keyboard driver to your keyboards input.. There are several guides online for it