Galaxy S5 "ROM's"?

Hello everyone! Just going to start off by saying that for the most part I am a complete novice when it comes to phone tech... I know the basics and even have done a little android app dev, but nothing crazy. But my question today comes asking about.. Well, basically, ill start with an example. Whenever i get a new computer (if i get a pre built computer like a laptop) First thing i do almost every time is re-install windows and install only what i need to get the best experience from using said device. So my question is, CAN I DO THAT WITH MY GALAXY S5!?? I got the thing, and its a wonderful phone. But at times, it feels horribly slow and unstable and i check task manager and realize there is a billion bloatware apps running in the back. I rooted my phone to delete some of the apps, but it has made it very unstable and no system updates can be installed. What a friend of mine told me to do was to 'install a custom ROM'? The way he explained it made it sound like he wanted me to re install the OS but im not quite sure how things like that work on mobile phones. If that is how it works, how do i do it? And whats the best 'ROM' for the galaxy s5 from verizon?

Cyanogenmod is the best custom rom i have tried so far but unfortunately, they have trouble installing on verizon carried devices. But don't lose hope, there are other great roms for the S5. 

Installing custom roms replaces the pre-installed custom OS on the phone, but don't worry, you can always go back to the original if you encounter a problem. And by the way, you 'll need to root your android device first before you could install any custom roms, and rooting works the same way as jailbraking, but for android. I found a tutorial here: - it allows you to install apps not that are not available on the play store or restricted. 

Here's a tutorial for installing custom roms

Be careful installing roms. and happy modding. cheers. 

Hi there! Paranoid Android in my opinion is the best rom if you are a has that simple sort of style with not so much tweaking and lots of great features like hover (sort of windowed mode) and pie. And it has cool wallpapers

Xda is the place to be when it comes to phone modding. The VZW version of the S5 has a locked boot-loader, as such it is not a phone that is easy to manipulate. Consider yourself forewarned. You CAN easilly turn it into a paperweight. That being said, I think roming is worth it -- especially on the s5 where it has a butt load of crap ware installed. There is an all in one toolkit here for beginners, MAKE SURE YOU READ EVERYTHING TWICE!



My phones already root kited :) So thats step one done already... (I did it to remove some bloatware)