Galaxy S4 Screen Protector

Hey guys I'm shopping around and I dont know which screen protector to get for my galaxy s4. I already have a case that goes around the outside of the phone. So can you guys help me choose a screen protector for my phone that will be very helpful.


your galaxy s 4 comes with gorllia glass(version 3), you dont really need a screen protector anymore.

Unless you're anywhere near sand, then that Gorrila Glass 3 won't do shit! Sure, if you're very careful with your phone, the screen will remain flawless for longer. But it's bound to scratch at some point.

As far as screen protectors go, there really are no standout screen protectors for any phone. Just look at reviews, the more reviews a certain product has, the better idea you'll get of how good that product is. And obviously go for those which have lots of positive reviews.