Hi all,
Mostly for the past time all I usually hear are American companies for GPU products like asus, Gigabyte, MSI and many others but then I hear another company name Gainward which is new to me.
Is the company from England? (I commonly see it cheaper for their products in England but last i check that was way back in September)
There cards look astecticly attractive and those clock speeds and temps seem promising.
Has anyone here ever owned a Gainward product? If so how are they really? Is it worth it to get it shipped here in the US?(i live in Maryland idk if that matters but)

Pretty sure those are all Taiwanese companies.

I've never used a gainward card but I did always like the look of the phantoms.

Thank you , I've seen a couple of youtubers usually from out of state reviewing the cards but rarely ever in the US. Never really know if its really worth it to spend thst much on them to buy one.

IIRC Gainward is owned by Pailt, and both of those companies either use the same OEM or one of the same OEMs as PNY. So aside from the aesthetics, some Gainward cards will have a PNY equivalent on this side of the pond.

EDIT: Completely forgot that GALAX is owned by Pailt as well, so GALAX might be another alternative to Gainward.

Oh ok tgats very nice to know thank you