Gadgets on Windows 7 won't work.. AT ALL

Bloody hell I run into soo many problems :/


So I've been searching all over the place for advice, but i'm afraid that this can probably only be answered by someone with personal experience with this massive glitch


So basically when me PC starts up it should open up a network meter and core temp.. but it doesn't.


I can right click and then try click on gadgets but nothing will open.


I can go into control panel and go into programs and then try click on ANY of the options under desktops gadgets, including the title 'desktop gadgets' and it won't work at all, it's like the whole fucking directory is gone or something, it's absolutely ridiculous.


So if anybody knows how to fix this then that'd be great!


p.s. i have gone into 'turn windows features on and off' and that still didn't work..

From what I understand Microsoft killed off gadgets due to them being massive malware portals. They might have disabled gadgets entirely

If what Kiaxa say's is true then you might want to look into something else that dose similar things, I would recommend using Rainmeter.

Yeah, i know you cant download them. Theyre gone on MS's side. an update may have done away with them, but i am not sure.


I suggest rainmeter.

Exactly as folks already said. Its a mallware doorway with theoretical backdoor for a hacker to take over your PC. I have been searching for gadgets to monitor my CPU and GPU temps lately and found none that does not look suspicious or has open code - talking about usual gadgets for Windows sidebar.

What i found eventually is open source project that works on Windows and Linux called Open Hardware Monitor

You can check it out here:

In this app, you right click stats you r interested in and select "Show in gadget" and then in View -> Show gadget. It works great.

Also you can check its source code here:

here are a couple GPU utilities that are not as buggy as GPU-Z and much more informative.

and many different kinds things here


Hahah , I still remember Vista full of gadgets on my desktop :D

No , there are no more gadgets , maybe a dynamic wallpaper ?

Well the weird thing is that they're now suddenly back.. nothing changed.

I only use Core Temp and a network meter so I think my safety should be fine, I just have absolutely no idea as to why they disappeared  :/