g751jl mobo swap


im planning to swap the mobo and bottom case of g751jl with g751jy and also get the 230w adapter to power it. will it work and will the bottom case fit? Both mobo looks deadly same size wise and have confirmed it from members as well however we do not have much idea about the bottom case.

Please advise

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Anyways, i took the bullet and have ordered the mobo. Waiting for arctic mx 4 and isopropyl alcohol to arrive and then ill assemble it.

Unfortunately Asus doesn’t post a lot of maintenance or repair info about their systems.

It should be fine in this case. The only thing to watch out for is some systems with lower end specs ship with a smaller cooling solution. Usually the fans are the same but it has fewer heat pipes.

prior to making the order I checked out disassembly video of mobo with gtx 980m and I also disassembled my g751jl with gtx 965m and it seems they seem to have same no of heat pipes. The only difference I can see is slightly bigger cooling chamber at the 2 fan areas and the red accent at the bottom case fins. I haven’t ordered the 230w adapter yet, if everything works out fine then ill downvolt the cpu and gpu till i get the adapter and lower bigger case of G751jy. Hope for the best.