G502 Lightspeed Middle Mouse Side clicks driving me crazy

I love my G502 Lightspeed but the side clicks are fucking terrible for the scroll wheel. Do I have a defective one? Or are they supposed to be this sensitive.

I thought of an awesome idea for Doom. Previous Equipment and Next Equipment bound to scroll wheel Left and Right. And every time I throw a piece of equipment is shifts over. It’s so fucking bad…

Any G502 users experience this? If you sneeze when using your G502 I think it registers a scroll wheel side click. Fuck me dead…

I can unbind them but I’d really like a use for them.

Here’s a test for any users out there: Play Crysis. Make sure Left and Right scroll wheel is enabled, not necessarily bound to anything. And try using the option to bring up your Nanosuit powers. The only way Crysis was playable was with the left and right side clicks disabled completely. It always registers them pressed. How the hell did this mouse go through testing and they didn’t find this an issue?

Disable it’s function.

Not much of a solution, though. Is it normal? And what’s your personal experience with it?

You’re right, disabling a mouse feature you paid for is not good.

I don’t have a G502. I do have experience with Logitech RMA service though. It is good. You might have to stay on the phone an hour, but they will send you a new mouse if there is a malfunction. I kept my G602, and they mailed me a new one 3 years ago. The new one is still in the box.

You can try taking the mouse apart and seeing if there is any physical damage to the mechanism.

Can you not just use the utility to change the functionality? I have a G502 Hero and have never had any issues, then again I have no idea what you are talking about because I haven’t played either game.

I used those games as a specific example. I’m talking about the scroll wheel side tilt clicks. Very sensitive. And yes, I can change the functionality, but i’m perplexed by how it works. A middle mouse click triggers the side clicks almost always. So what the hell’s the point in the tilt clicks?

It is probably broken. Call up Logitech, or exchange it at a store if you can.

I have had tilt clicks on a mouse before, they should not trigger so easily.

That 100% sounds broken, I just misunderstood the issue. I often use my side click to scroll wide webpages, and documents.

Logitech generally cares more about their customer support looking good than the few dollars a mouse costs them, they probably won’t give you any hassle.

Ugh… guess i’ll have to exchange words with Logitech again. And after opening about 5 support tickets for my G910, they better give me a G915 for free at this point. Holy fuck…

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You weren’t kidding. Look what just came in the mail today. :rofl:

Literally, I inquired and asked whether or not it could be a defect, or if it was meant to be this way, and they sent it on Thursday, got here a day earlier.

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