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G3900 not working on H370M motherboard? [CONCLUDED]

Hello guys,

i-am building a pc for work and it’s not posting…
No post beeps either.

When i boot without ram i get post beeps.
When i put the ram in the first slot the pc keeps turning on and off.
When i put the ram in the second slot the pc stays on but no beeps or screen.


Intel G3900

Crucial CT16G4DFD824A

Please help

I knew intel was rapidly turning to shit throwing to customers.
But this?

Fucking Intel…

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As per above, it’s Skylake and only works with 100 and 200 series motherboards. They had the indecency to change sockets by a single pin in the past and decided to get even more lazy by not changing the socket for 300 series motherboards even though they aren’t backwards compatible.