G2A Random keys are bad

I was browsing for good deals on random games and saw the buy a random key packs. Thought how bad could it be?
Spent 3 dollars for the 10 pack non premium. All keys worked, but they now stain my steam library.
Games i got.
1: Chicken Shoot Gold
2: Pressure
3: 3SwitcheD
4: Commander: Conquest of the Americas Gold
5: Earth 2140 HD
6: Gorky 17
7: Heli Heroes
8: Tiamat X
9: Truffle saga
10: Zombie Zoeds
Cost of all on steam for Full price: $65.90
Cost of all on G2A keys: $5.21
What i paid: $3.14
So i got a good deal but its not anything i want. Its like if you like coca cola and got a free pepsi, Its a good deal but you dont like it.

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Pretty much any Steam Key site that sells random keys for next to nothing are shit. Don't worry bro I have some too but thank god my profile is private.

I got deus ex GOTY for 2$, not that shit if you ask me.

Still the idea of playing the lottery in any shape or form is a stupid exercise in futility, most of the time.

acutally not that bad but you can grab it on g2a for about 3 bucks so yeah not that much worth it.

Yeah I tried the whole random steam key thing, once. Mostly bargain bin trash games, and there isn't a guarantee you won't end up getting something twice if you buy it again. It would be nice if they released a LIST of what steam keys you could get out of it, probably won't see any real major titles or decent games on that list at all.

Thanks Meow_Mix_Please for sharing this information as I wondered what people got from buying the random key packs.