G13 replacement

so, I have a g13, the most useful thing it does is displays my computer usage stats

gpu % - temp - speed
gpu memory

I would like more buy its just to much data to display at easily readable text sizes, now its getting on in years, I bought it when it was 30-40$, and logitech discontinued it.

I could build a macro pad myself, I could buy one of the many knockoffs/alternatives, I could buy a pos keyboard, but it telling me my computer’s stats in a way that doesn’t take up screen space… that I cant replace easily, so I came here to see if anyone knows of a good way to do this.

I think the easiest way is simply a usb monitor that I treat as just a stat screen, however I have had many issues over the years with 2 monitors keeping a second monitor actually separate, to the point I just don’t bother anymore. the mouse will find a way to be somewhere I don’t want it. anyone have other ideas?
really the only requirement is I be able to turn any backlight off at night hell, it could possibly be an e ink display, though as i’m looking for as cheap as possible a solution, that’s probably a non starter.

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Had one for a long while. At some point, something in it died.

I looked into those macro-key boards from Elgato, but they lack the screen. I may look into DIY options later this year.