G-Sync Modding

I've seen two monitors so far modifyed with G-Sync (both from asus) 
This one: http://www.scan.co.uk/products/3xs-modified-24-asus-vg248qe-g-sync-black-led-monitor-1920x1080-800000001-350cd-m-1ms-vesa-dport?ProductId=88660
and the one that linus got. My monitors from the same series as the one I linked, and I was wondering if its possible to do it myself rather than paying the absurd prices. 

If you could modify your monitor with G-Sync, would you?
and have any of you had the chance to try G-Sync? Whats it like? 

You can fit a Gsync module retroactively. But I'd advise you to wait. Freesync is a Gsync solution which could be available to all and it is free. I hope it isn't exclusive to AMD cards. I haven't read enough about it to understand what is being offered.


I heard that we'd have to wait until the next version of display port/hdmi/whatever comes out to be able to use freesync on a desktop

Up to you if you want to spend money on a Gsync module. But I don't have any problems without using Gsync. I'm not concerned with it, at this point. I'm prepared to wait for any consumer-friendly solution.