G.SKILL "AMD Compatible" Trident Z RGB Kits difference?

Building a new Threadripper build with the ASrock X399 Taichi motherboard. Does anyone know if the “AMD” G.Skill RGB kits are worth getting over the “Intel” ones? For instance the" F4-3200C14Q-32GTZRX" over the “F4-3200C14Q-32GTZR” kit. The “X” kit is about $120 extra. Wondering if its worth paying for, or if i can get the “Intel” kit to run stable at 3200MHz.


If both memory kits are on the motherboard memory supported list.
Then you can also pick the cheaper ones.

My guess is that the X version probablly has better timings?

I think the GTZRX kit is “Threadripper certified” or some BS, the GTZR is the “normal” kit.


I’d just go for the best you can get for your budget off of your motherboard’s Memory QVL.

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The Ryzen/Threadripper Kit probably has Samsung-B-Die chips, as Ryzen likes those the most.

Afaik both kits have Samsung B-dies, at least according to this site.


Oh yeah, missed the “14” in there then of course both are B-Die. CL14 with 3200 is always B-Die in these kits.
Though maybe some sub-timings are different.