G-Sensor possibly/likely done for - options?

The Moto G 2015 just doesn't seem to be my phone (don't worry, I bought it from Amazon).
I've had a number of Moto G 2015, all of them with various defects (torn membrane on speaker, speaker not working, USB file transfer not working). Even after Amazon said I couldn't get any more replacements I bought another Moto G 2015 with the refund (already had a case and it's teh only inexpensive phone that's water-resistant).

Long story short, a few days ago I noticed that the auto-rotation doesn't work anymore. I can flip images, videos in VLC and get landscape view on YT vids with fullscreen, but in apps without that manual option I'm fucked.

Tests with apps (the pre-installed Motorola Help app and 2 from the Play Store) and all of them showed that the G-sensor seems to be stuck on the z-axis, doesn't move at all.

Amazon doesn't offer a replacement for this phone anymore (they actually don't sell them anymore) and my only option is sending it in, so they can send it to their repair shop.
This would take over a week which means over a week without a phone (my old Lumia 925 is garbage, not an option for daily use). Buying a cheap "dumb phone" is also not an option, since I use apps on a daily basis.

So.....what are my options, really? Bite the bullet and send it to Amazon for repair? Say fuck it and buy a new phone? (unlocked or locked with discount-points from my provider) Or learn to live without the auto-rotation?

If you think I should get another smartphone, please give me some alternatives that are in the same spec-range (2GB RAM, min. 5" 720p display, microSD support, ~200€).

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