FYDE-OS on a AMD mini PC safe ? or not

hey is FYDE-OS on a AMD mini PC or laptop safe to use as a Android streaming box an or laptop os ?
i run all my internet an network devices threw a FWG router is that secure enough

It’s probably safe(ish) but personally I have trust issues with Chinese based distros. If you’re looking for a ChromeOS distro why not just install ChromeOS Flex? It’s still beta but you at least know the code has been vetted by Google :man_shrugging:

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is ther an iso of chromeosflex that i can download write with etcher without having to use the Chromebook Recovery Utility , i dont have Chrome browser on my pop os linux only firefox an really

dont plan to go back to Chrome at all but if the only way to get Chromeflex is to temporarily install Chrome browser then ok.

once iv got chromeosflex loaded on either a amd mini or laptop would i be able to install an run

netfilx , hbomax , hulu , an amazon prime an from them get 5.1 dolby output

Yeah, that would be great if Google just provided the iso… but of course they don’t and it gets much worse from there. The Chrome browser extension isn’t compatible with linux so you’ll have to use Windows, MacOS, or ChomeOS to create the USB drive. For me that wasn’t a big deal since I had a MacOS PC on-hand but yeah… as a FOSS person it should piss you off!

None of these apps are available in ‘Chrome Web Store’ on my installation of Flex. Are they available on other Chromebooks?

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in general on Chromeflex can the mentioned apps be side loaded by the apk files