fx8350 PC build help needed

Hello guys, i've been looking on some pc's listed in the sticky, but i cant seem to find anything similar.

So, as you may see my current pc is well... crap and unusable(PSU is starting to give up, cpu is pretty slow and old architecture, gpu well, its crap too, ram is just a laugh), am upgrading because: 1. in this SFF case i cant change anything apart from Low Profile gpu, ram and maybe cpu to some core 2 duo. 2. Am a student atm meaning that i have quiet a bit of time on my hands and i really want to play skyrim and bf3(i know bf4 is out but it just doesnt suit my taste). Reason why am going with FX8350 is first, as shown in videos by TS its at same FPS level as i5 and sometimes almost as good as i7, and also am going to probably stream in near future and second reason: its cheaper than intel counterparts(at time of purchase of course)

PC am building:

CPU: AMD FX-8350(will be at stock untill i need more performance)  [Already have]

MOBO: asus sabertooth 990fx r2.0  [Already have]

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600Mhz (8gb at the begining, 16 later on)  [Dont have yet]

Hard drives, HDD: seagate barracuda 500GB for all other files i will not have on my external drive and ssd, SSD: OCZ vertex 2 80Gb for OS and games i play most  [Dont have any yet]

GPU: either: HD7970GHZ edition or r9 280x Toxic(whichever is better)*  [Dont have yet]

PSU: Corsair RM650 modular 80+gold  [Dont have yet]

Case: avp commander x8 or avp deffender 400 k2  [dont have yet]

OS: most likely win 7 64 bit

what i need help with is: which gpu will be better and will the psu be capable of running it(possible little overclok) and will the psu run 8350 with a "little" overclock (if i choose to in near future) of about 4.4-4.6Ghz


*(am going for ATI cards because of mantle)

other suggestions are welcome and will be considered as this is my first build and i want it to last for like next 3-5 years or more

Take your time people, i only got mobo and cpu, rest can change if i see that other are better at performance/money ratio

Thanks for any help provided.

Overall seems decent, might want to get a 1tb hdd because they are like eight bucks and double the capacity more.

For the graphicscard you should go with the 280x, mostly because it's newer, and a little bit better too.

The RM 650w PSU is almost a little bit overkill, I would recommend the CS 650w instead if you could find it. 650w is absolutely enough for the 280x.


don't buy anything from OCZ... for the SSD get Adata, Crucial, Kingston, Samsung, or Intel depending on your price range and/or whatever's cheapest...

the R9 280x Toxic is the better card by a decent bit... however, if you don't feel like waiting for it to be in stock and want to pay a possibly significant amount less the EVGA GTX 770 SC or Classified models are likely better options for the price... (blame the Litecoin miners) but in games currently the 2GB stock GTX 770 has a slight edge over the stock 280x anyways...

Cases are fairly preference oriented and you should get something YOU think looks good (that has good cable management, quality materials, and room for your build of course) I would look into Corsair, Fractal Design, Nanoxia, and BitFenix as they are generally well-engineered, quiet, and made of quality materials...

I wouldn't use the stock AMD cooler regardless. it's a coaster... but you literally can't if you're going to overclock at all... get a cheap CPU cooler (Cooler Master Hyper Series, Enermax ETS-T40)

Power supply is fine if not overkill really...

Seems like a very good build.  Although you should a little bit more on a case and maybe and after market cooling.  The sabertooth is a very good build and if you want to utilize to get the most bang for your dollar you should overclock.  And to overclock you need some good airflow and cooling.  My I recommend something like a cooler master hyper 212 Evo for the cooler and a case get a corsair 200r, cooler maser haf 912, Nzxt Phantom, Fractal design define R4 or ARC midi or whatever case that has good airflow and build quality.  

I highly recommend getting some more Hard drive space.  You can double your space for just under ten dollars more.  Maybe a bigger SSD too.  

The r9 280x is just a rebranded 7970GHZ so whatever you find for cheaper or a better deal just get.  Also I wouldn't be holding your breath for Mantle.  We don't know how it performs and the only supported game so far is battlefield 4.  It's sounds nice on paper but we should see how it works in the real world.  

Everything else is good! 

build looks  great the corsair RM650 is a great unit. about the GPU, the R9-280X is allways a good choice, if you can find the Toxic thats the fasted stock clocked model arround. some people talk about a GTX770 2GB well its a good gpu, but if you play heavy moded skyrim  then the 3GB of vram on the 280X realy comes handy. also the mods in skyrim from what ive heard run better on radeon. so yeah i would allways recommend a R9-280X over a GTX770 2GB.

But look carefully at the prices of the R9-280X Toxic, maybe its not that much cheaper then a R9-290.

Do you have a budget in mind for the parts you still need?

i get Bursary so i calculated all the part at the begining of the school year and when i will be able to get them and which one exactly, i had this build in mind quiet a bit(with exception of GPU i was meant to go with hd7770, but then i saw some bf3 vids and i changed my mind to 7950 then to 7970GhzE/r9 280x)

my budget is about 400-500 pounds over next 3 months(i get about 180 a month+/-)

i was thinking about some GTX 700 or 600 but i dont i know why i just cant seem to get my head around all the gtx naming, cuda cores, and benchmarks, in ati i find it easy that higher number in each series generally means its better(at least that's the feeling i get)

well your build idea is realy great, the R9-280X toxic is an awesome card, but you could also look at the msi R9-280X that cost 229 pounds at the moment its a bit cheaper then the Toxic.

For an SSD i would say look at an kingston hyperX 3K they on a good price.