FX8350 idle temps 40C with T40 Twister

i just got the Enermax T40 Twister, with an 8350 at stock frequencies, but my idling temps are around 38-42C i chequed the mount and it looks good, i used the thermalpaste that came with it. it was nice and silver. my case is a Corsair C70 i have 3 stock case fans and 2 corsair AF120. my mobo is a sabertooth 990fx.

are this temps normal, i played the witcher 2 on max @ 1080p and my temps didnt surpase 50C but the idles seem pretty high to me

idle don't matter all that much if your max's are low (and they are looking pretty good)

your idles do seem high though. What are your ambient temperatures?

at night it goes down to 17C and during day im guessing 23-25C

which direction is the fan on the heatsink blowing?

towards my exhaust fan wich is an AF120