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Fx tec pro1 forcing dual sim and sd card in tray at once?

i know with my OnePluse X you could file down the second sim card and micro SD and you could fit dual sim AND micro SD at once!

If you had the tray measures, could design and 3d print a three option tray.

how does that work? as far as i knew since both cards occupy the same physical spot the idea was to sand each card to half thickness and stack them on top of each other.

Well failing that, I did buy a 400gb microSD card for a good price :wink:

Just saw this thread so… eh

What I have seen people do is actually just taking a heat gun and getting the SIM-card chip off the plastic, then gluing it to the back of SD card. There is a slim chance the SIM chip is destroyed in the process, but getting a new one is usually still cheaper then getting a new SD card.

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Man, i knew there was reason we keep you around! I don’t care what the others say about you! :smiley::smile::rofl::joy: Thank you!

wat :thinking:

It means that was a damn handy piece of information you happened to have there and thank you!

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take a look at stuff like this :
And also, the Fxtec forum is a way better place for stuff like that. There is already many reply about this on it.

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