Fx-8350 vs i7 4770 vs i7 3770

Literally 2 days before buidling my pc, I mistakenly stepped upon benchmarks and statistics, with these two i7's... I was about to buy the fx-8350, then I came across these i7's......


Take price out of everything, I want to stream, will the extra cores come in handy? I will be overclocking, I hear the fx-8350 overclocks very well. anyways 


fx-8350 vx i7 4770k vs i7 3770k


Best value is with the FX-8350, the performance is great.

The best of the 3 though is the 4770k though (overall), currently.

Yeah man, 8350 is good for streaming.

Have you seen Pistols streams?  Really good example of how they hold up.


4770 k - Best

3770k - Second Best

8350 - Third

They are all overkill and you can game at maximum settings with a lower end cpu.

But you mentioned you will stream. Logan once sad that the fx 8350 is the best streaming processor after the 3960 x (which is 1000 dollars) and I believe everything that he says so by all means, buy the 8350, it's cheaper, and better for streaming.

Money aside, I would go for the 4770k and not plan on upgrading for several years. It is overkill for now, but games will start using 8 threads soon, and games will become more demanding, so you cant go wrong if you want perfect stutter free recording. That said, the 8350 will also do this, but I would wonder about a couple years down the line.

The other thing to consider is that the 8350 is almost half the price.. so you could just upgrade in a couple years for close to the same money as getting the best right now.

I know you've probably already bought your system, but I would go for the 8350. Unless you're doing a large amount of video editing, then there is no need for either of the i7s. The i7 is much better for any kind of editing, but you can certainly use the 8350 for editing. If that makes sense?

If you're only gaming and streaming, no need for the additional expense. It simply will not augment anything that you're doing. And yes, the extra cores will be useful for streaming/multi-tasking.

8350 for streaming. I7 for editing.