FX 8350 vs i5 3570K/4770K?

I was set on the i5, only question was wheter to go ivy or haswell. But lately i've been seeing the FX 8350 get mentioned everywhere. So I'm not really sure anymore. 

The CPU will be pared with a GTX 760 and it will be used for gaming and generall usage. I'll get into overclocking  eventually.

I'm on a bit of a budget but it's set around the 3570K so going 4770K would be a bit of a strain, but if it's worth it than i think i can cram it in there. 


Thanks in advance :) 

For a budget build, I would vow for the 8350. It is almost the same speed in all games and applications

gigabyte ud3 & 8350

use the money saved from getting the use and get one of these heatsinks

Thermaltake Nic C5

or Xigmatek Dark Knight (runs a little hotter but is like 4x quieter)

i second that, i can vouch for it, works really greak!

or one of the asus boards. any will do, they all work great!


Hmm.. I don't really save any money since the AM+ boards are more expensive than the ones compatible with the i5. I'll have to think about it, thanks guys!