FX-8350 vs 3570K




Also i cant wait for logan video for the 8350. As mine is just newbie and his reviews are epic.


The 8350 is better chip


Updated 11/01/13


actually the 8350 will still be cheaper long term depending on how long you keep it and how much you pay for electricity

going by http://media.bestofmicro.com/X/T/357617/original/average%20power.png there is about a 55W difference between the 8350 and 3770K, 3570K is probably about 5W lower, but not enough to make a difference


If you leave your system on 24/7 and at idle 75% of the time and pay $0.12/kWh it would take 4.25 years or 51 months to break even on a intel system that cost $150 more or about $2.95 a month more to run an 8350 than a 3570K

i pay less for electricity at $0.09/kWh but $0.12/kWh seems to be the average in the us, but in most situations if you plan to upgrade in the next few years the 8350 will still be cheaper although there are some exceptions such as compiling software or bitcoin mining or [email protected] where your system will be under heavy usage for extended periods of time

Thanks for the information!

I ow you one !

Electricity bill? I give up on society.