Fx 8350 temp?

ok on idele its running on 23 - 28 C and room temprature is 33 C

but when i play games like 

Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City or crysis 3 or 

BioShock Infinite

on ultra it easily reaches on 50 - 55 C with v sync in hour

and without v sync it reaches 60 to 80 C in 10 to 15 minutes and my computer starts beeping 

so what is the danger temprature for the processor

and  i already installed two fans in the case it came with one

the case also has two more fans which are stock cooler and psu fan :O

that makes 5 total 

80c is far too hot for that chip (max for those chips is sposed to be 70c) you migth what to get your self a aftermarket heatsink

well thanks but i googled it they 90 C is the max and at that temprature cpu will turn itself off and should i set my bios to tell me when my cpu reaches 80c or 60 c :?

it is right now set on 80 c cause i can not play games when its set to 60 cause my cpu plays beeps like sh!t then


"Safe CPU temperatures are 60 degrees Celsius and below. It may still run fine with CPU temperatures, exceeding 60C threshold by a few degrees. Running the FX-8350 close to 70 degrees and higher is not recommended."

upgrade your cpu cooler and you'll be fine

will running ac in the room do any good as i do not want to change my cooler as i can not overclock with my mobo

80 degrees C is safe. If you are running at 5.2gHz on a Phanteks PH-TC14PE. For stock clocks, and stock cooler, that is unaceptable. I would definitely look into an aftermarket cooler; I would stay away from the CLCs, such as the Corsair H100i, Antec Kuhler, etc., and stick to heatsinks, unless you are going to spring for a complete custom loop. The Xigmatech Dark Knight II is great, for a single tower, but the Phanteks PH-TC14PE is the best air cooler. Other comparable coolers are the Noctua D14 and Silverarrow Extreme. If you are going for one of those 3, pick what looks the best. Aside from that, most other coolers are so-so, performing moderately okay; this is a generalization, but it is pretty true. Consider the Hyper 212 Evo for a super budget, as well.

It helps, fractionally. I would recommend you getting an aftermarket cooler. If you actually watch the newegg video closely, you'll find out that they bundle the fan with it just so that you can run your PC. They're actually expecting you to buy a cooler yourself


start at 5th minute

well ok please suggest me a good after market cooler which is good enough for overclocking also :) from this site flipkart.com

as i live in india there is no new egg there 

If it has to be from flipkart.com, then get this. You could hit 5.0gHz on it :)

well did u look the price at that thing :L is it better than water cooling : + This item is Permanently discontinued so anyother suggestions 

can i hit atleast 7 ghz or 6 ghz on it with that cooler and can i overclock with this mobo GA-970A-DS3 and psu cooler master Thunder 500W  ?? 


if not please suggest me that too and i bought this pc in january is there a way to put this mobo ,psu and stock cooler to any use as they are only 4 months old and this is the only pc i have 

7 or 6gHz? My god! You would need LN2 cooling for that, which is unstable, and temporary. It isn't possible to do that with reasonable voltages; you would have to surpass 2.0V, which would be extremely dangerous. 5.0gHz is the max for reasonable uses.


500W PSU... is it also running a GPU, or just the 8350. Your TDP will go up to 120+ W when you are running 100% capacity at 5.0gHz. With a GPU, you are pushing it at 5.0gHz. I would feel much better with 650W, or 750W for 2-way SLI/CF.

What do you mean "put them to use."? Aren't you already using them for your computer?

i am already using it but some one told me i can not overclock with this psu and motherboard so if i need to change them so i am asking what will i do with these extra parts '

and yeah i am running a 7870 

+ u cant even run a fukin monitor with fx 8350 without gou as it does not have any intergrated gpu

I didn't read ALL the comments but scanned through. I assume you're using stock clocks and cooler? I have the same processor and when I was running stock cooler and clock speed I never had ANY temp issues, even with heavy gaming. I would suggest starting with re-seating your CPU with new application of thermal grease. If your temps are still out of spec I would look at possibly RMA? Or go with something like an H80, X40, H110, or X60. I currently have my 8350 @ 4.6ghz 1.45v. The CPU was stable up to 5ghz at 1.55v but my temps got too hot, so waiting for the big 5G until I upgrade to the Kraken X60.

whats ur room temprature :? 

I have a 8350 and I can tell you - you will never be completely happy with air cooling on this thing. Just go for watter cooling and get a H100i or something like that.


i think you wont eaven reach 5 ghz on that board GA-970A-DS3 cause it has only a 4+1 power phase,the board will burn ☺