FX-8350/990FXA-UD3 Overclock Help Guide?

I have an 8350 paired with a Gigabyte 990 FXA-UD3, and I wanted to know if someone could help me with a nice tutorial on how to get a somewhat slight oc, and make sure everything is okay. I am sorry if there are forums about my exact set up with answers to my exact questions, but I don't have time to look through them all as I am in school. I have an H80i cooling it and right now my idle is like 23-28 degrees (celcius) according to my BIOS, I'm not too sure on how it is during load. I was looking for maybe a 4.2-4.4Ghz clock after I am done. My GPU is a 7950 at 1Ghz and I have 16Gb of 1600Mhz RAM (8x2), 750w power supply, decent case cooling, etc. Help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much.

Get prime95 to test Loads on CPU.  It will blue screen you if you went too far.

If you want  to go to 4.4, disable anything that says "power saving" in the description (cool n quiet is personal preference) put your multiplier at 22 and test what voltage you need. My 8350 runs like a charm at 4.4 @1.3875v. There is some variation in what should be enabled or disabled depending on your build, but you are only looking for a few extra megahertz so it won't matter too much. 

P.S Disable AMD Turbo Core

OK. This is where to start:

  • Go into your bios, turn off all power saving features (the "C" states), disable turbo boost.
  • Set Load Line Calibration to HIGH
  • Set multiplier to 23 (should equal 4.6ghz)
  • Set CPU voltage to 1.48v (or if using offset set so it equals 1.475v)
  • Press F10 to save and restart!
  • Download AIDA64 - run stress test!
  • After 4-5 hrs, if no errors on AIDA64, you should be G2G.

I used to run my 8120 @ 4.5ghz with my H80, temps were wonderful. 

If you have more questions, feel free to send me a pvt message or add me to steam --> beezleybuzz