FX 8320 Overclock problem



Ok my FX 8320 arrived 2 days ago. I have just finnished installing some games and finishing installing all the Windows updates.


So I have read that you can overclock this CPU a bit. So I thought why not. Am new to overclocking so am nor sure if I am doing this correctly. I did manage to overclock my old 965 to 3.9ghz.


So I went into the bios and changed the cpu ratio from x17 to x19.5 so the CPU frequency is 3900mhz. But all my games are running really bad. Like Far Cry 3 won't even get past the loading screen its running at like 5 FPS.


So I put it back to auto so it is now 3.5ghz again and everything is running again. I would of thought I could of gotten this to at least 4ghz stable but I guess not. Am I doing something wrong?


The rest of my system specs are:


OS: Windows 7 Pro 64bit

Motherboard: MSI 760G-P43-FX

RAM: 2x4gb G.Skill RipJaws 1333mhz

Cooler: Xigmatek CAC-SXHH3-U06 Gaia SD1283

GPU: Powercolor 7870 Myst Edition

PSU: OCZ 700w Semi Modular 80+ Bronze


i guess youre motherboard would probably be the bottleneck.

Better go on a Decent  990FX chipset.

the vrm´s of those msi boards would probably to weak, its a well known problem with the Msi 970A-GD45 and GD46, theire 4+1 power phase is also to weak, the 760 is an older chipset so theire vrms could probably be worse.

760 chip set mobos where never ment for FX chips thay will run fine at stock or you can set the chip to turbo mode in the bios (thats if its there on those older motherboards) and get a boost in clock speeds and that should be a stable overclock

Thanks for the replies. The turbo boost was all ready enabled. According to CPU Z I was getting 3700. So I turned MSI OC Geni Lite on. Looked at CPU Z again and I was getting 3550mhz :|. So I did another try of changing a few things and I am now running at 4000mhz no problems. I have played a few games for a few hours and it all seems good.


Thanks again.

yeah it will work but becarefull with those vrms dont push to high in the 8 core.

you miight want to try AMD Overdrive its freeware by amd for overclocking their CPU's

This is a few months old now.. but I'll just chuck my opinion in :P
I personally have the FX-8320 and it is more than capable of running @4.00GHz but like they said ^^ it's your motherboard.

By the looks of it, if you're buying a cheaper motherboard and a cheaper CPU you don't have the money to just go out and buy a new motherboard, so this may help.

I would highly recommend not using the AMD Over Drive application in CCC. Last time I used it, it changed the timing on my PC, so one minute on my PC was like 40 seconds and it was speeding up my games, could get you banned/VAC banned on games, so just be cautious.

I would recommend trying a bios update, it could help with stability, then try OC'ing via the bios, and try to keep the voltage as low as possible. Use a stress testing tool to verify stability and you might get a performance boost. I reckon on that mobo and chip don't go above 1.425V, then try and adjust the clock speed relative to the voltage, you might get 3.6-4GHz boost. and stress test periodically.

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Its exaly 2 years old.

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