FX-8320 build

My friend's building a new gaming PC:


(Couldn't find the GPU and the PSU on pcpartpicker)



I checked the manual for the PSU: +12V 49A 588W

He will be overclocking in the future but max to 4.5 GHz - that's why the FX-8320 instead of the 8350.

He won't be buying another GPU for crossfire so he only needs one x16 PCI-E slot - that's why the 970 chipset instead of the 990FX.

If need be, he can upgrade the GPU in the future and sell this one.

So what do you think? Any good? 

DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT get the hyper 612! get the hyper 212 instead but other than that it would be all good.

I would highly suggest you mate go for a 990fx over a 970.

gpu is good.

psu - would change to something else as tt psu's arent the best in terms of quality, reliability or honest power ratings.. corsair, silverstone, xfx, seasonic, superflower, antec hcg are all better options.


What's wrong with the hyper 612 ?

Why 990FX instead of 970? 

What about Cooler Master's PSUs?

If you whant a 1ghz overclock you are going to need better than a 212 evo and a better mobo the Asus M5A97 R2.0 is a great mobo but it has only a 4+2 power phase




So it's about power and heat. I see. What if he overclocked less than 4.5 GHz? How high would could you go with the Asus M5A97 R2.0 and a 212 evo? I mean, the FX-8320 has a turbo core clock of 4 GHz. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a bit more than that - say 4.3 GHz?

Turbo dosent work that way the chip will turbo to the limitations of the mobo+heat forinstance mine will turbo to 3.7ghz on my mobo.

You will probaly hit 4ghz oc with that mobo and a 212 evo going higher you will need better cooling + mobo. 

If you whant a 1ghz overclock you are going to need better than a 212 evo

No you don't. 212 will do just fine. In my case FX-8320 at 4200MHz stays below 50 at full load with 212. 

M5A97 and 212 should be fine. Just get a PSU that can provide enough power on one 12V rail. 

Hint: thermaltakes are generally bad (like, way worse than average), get some other PSU, preferably without those virtual 12V rails. 

I am gessing you live somewhere very cold if your only geting 50c at 4.2ghz because a 212 evo was not holding its own aganst my oc where ambent temps reach 30c.

What if he were to buy an FX-8350? Would it not work at all with the 970 chipset because of the power? How would it overclock?

The FX 8320 is a lower 'bined' FX 8350 the 8350 will run fine a stock clocks and give room to overclock.

When a 8350 dosent perform as well as it should for whatever reason (clock speed heat performance ect ect) its downclocked and sold as a 8320 this is a process of binning.

8350 achieves same frequencies as 8320 with lower voltage and that's why it overclocks better. 

But it's not worth the extra money. 

Ok. But what about the Cooler Master PSUs? Are they any good?

Coolermaster psu's are not very good grab a XFX,lepa g,or a seasonic 

All right, all right, I'll make him buy a Seasonic.