Fx 8120 overclock problem

im starting to think i just got a bad chip, but hopefully im just making a silly mistake. could some one help me overclock my fx 8120, im using ASUS crosshair v formula-z and cooling with a 212evo

running on stock settings my chip never ever reaches over 50.C,, TBH i dont think ive ever seen it over 42.C but i dont tend to monitor it when im 5 hours deep into a good game. also it idels at a frosty 19.C

Anyway, the default boost that the fx 8120 gives its self is supposedly up to 4GHz and my hardware monitor confirms that, so why cant i get my chip to over clock to anything above 3.5 ghz with out it over heating 30 seconds into a stress test? does my chip really get that hot or are my settings way off in the bios

if i set the bios to disable the cpu level up then left everything to default put the multiplier of 20x set the voltage at 1.33500 and it will boot in to windows but if i try to stress test the temp immediately goes through the roof upwards of 90.C if i dont stop it or it doesnt shut its self off

some one cool me off please ill pick up a noctua D-15 in a few months but for now i have a grate overclocking mother bored and a chip that hates over clocking =(

Are you making sure the CPU fan isn't locked at a certain speed?

Reset bios to Optimized Defaults. Then Monitor Fan speeds at Stock, 18x and 20x speeds.

sounds like you are using prime 95 to stress test with which is a no no. use aida64, intel burn in test, or anything other than prime95.

i set my fan speed at 100%

did that =/

im not useing prime 95 i was useing heavyload is that one still bad?

also another thing to point out is that i had the side panel off while testing and the heat sink was not hot before the crashes, (but im going to chalk that up as to the cpu getting so hot so fast )

heavy load is also the same stress tester i used to get my FX4100 stable at 4.4GHZ with the free mother-bored that it came with and the stock cooler , and that thing never got over 50.C

:( well then i dont know then. you might have lost the silicon lotto. and gotten a dud of an overclocker. ill try heavy load and see if it makes my system do what its doing to yours as a control and report back.

thank you =)

using a coin miner my max temp was 54C using heavy load my max temp is 57C (8350 clocked at 4.6ghz) but nothing as extreme as what you are seeing. ( you might want to check the load line calibration and double check your voltage settings are set to a static number and not auto.) other than that i just cant figure out why its boosting to 4.0 but not able to maintain a stable 4.0 manual clock.

Wait how do you have that motherboard, with an 8120?

Are you using the stock cooler? the fan just might be running really slowly or something

Could be, but it would make any sense, that you might need go reapply thermal paste. Doesn't seem to be a solution since you are boosting without oc. Also you might want to try different monitoring software and see if you're getting bad numbers

he has a crosshair v formula -z because he upgraded his board when he made a processor switch, or was like me and went over kill on the board when he first bought into the platform so he would not have to get a new board if he wanted to get an 8 core and push it.

and he is using a 212evo and unless he has a bad mount which i doubt he should be able to hit 4.2ish and stay under 55C

Well maybe the board is fucked and manually changing the voltage is sending a crap ton of voltage to the CPU? I don't know if CPU-Z would see that though

cpu-z should see it. core temp should see it. but we are all shooting in the dark with out being there and having our own hands on it. but it is also possible his 8150 is from the edge of the wafer and cant handle an manual OC and will only take the boost. or its possible he missed a setting somewhere and its trying to boost even further after he OC's and thats giving him issues. so many small things that you can miss.

Your motherboard has been 'burnt in' as default clock speeds for probably several years, including the voltage. 1.2volts is safe with the fan scaling as it goes. You may risk damage to your board, just as I possibly have found out with a failed windows update causing the entire HDD to brick due to a over voltage yay... Least that's what I think it was. I too have a 8120.

For a good 7 months I was running at 4GHz speeds, but since my board started with default voltage and never was over clocked to start. The circuits will degrade quicker now. No one takes into account this kind of thing when over clocking.

Best to not over clock to get more speed with diminishing returns, at this age. Might want to check thermal paste. If it has been more than two years, time to replace the paste. Could always upgrade to a 8350 or wait on Zen.

further info is that i have actually replaced the thermal paste within the last 6 months when i was cleaning the dust out of the system,

also the reason i have this mobo is that my asus m5a97 r2.0 died with a bad PSU so i decided i could get the ROG and maybe one day get a 9590 but that never happened ill just wait for zen now

the mb is 2 years old but the possessor i got during the 2011 release

big thanks to loominghawk for the 2 hour voice chat to get this thing 90% stable at 4ghz =) (stable in games but not in burn tests)