Fx 6300 or wait

I'm about to build a budget gaming pc with the fx-6300 and I'm wondering if I should just build the PC or wait, save up and get something better?

Wait, not because the CPU is bad but because AMD should be changing their socket soon.

AMD has no plans in 2014 to do anything with their FX line of chips. They are focusing on the APUs and FMx socket. (and focusing on ARM) ROADMAP

Personally I'd say, if you need the power now, get it. The FX-6300 easily clocks to 4Ghz without the requirement to change any voltages.

This confused me... so which socket would be the best one to get?

Get the FX 6300 with a 970 motherboard, cheap but really good upgrade. There won't be anything significant coming from AMD to replace the FX 6300 any time soon so you'd be waiting for a long time. AMD is focusing on their APUs on FM2+ now, but because those are entirely dependent on applications being written to support HSA, it will be awhile before the 7850K is as powerful as its pricetag suggests (right now the pricetag only warrants it if you plan to use the integrated R7), and the 7850K is around $200 anyways so the FX 6300 is still a steal.