FX-4100 or Phenom ii x4 BE?

the title says it all :P


they are both the same price 

my budget for my cpu is 100-120$

my whole system's budget is 500$

That's a lot of comparisons.  FX-4100 or Phenom II x4 (xxxx variant) Black Edition.

If FX series is an option then maybe a FX-4100/6100/6300 choice?

(If you live near a MicroCenter for in store pick-up the 6300 is $120 and 6100 is $110)

the 4100 right now for me is the best choice b/c its almost the same price (100$) for where i live ( canada)

the 6100 is 120$ and the 6300 is 140$

Get a Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition. Very solid CPU. I have one and it works good

is there a big difference between the 965 and the 955?

A 965 is slightly faster, but a 955 OC's better.

i probably wont OC that much 

so the 965 is better then right?

Not any reason not to OC if you have the hardware for it. What mobo and heatsink will you be running?


I just picked up a 965 for $84.99, pretty solid pick up for the price? I had to make some budget cuts to my build.



this is my build 

Not a bad price, as long as those budget cuts you spoke of were not to your mobo or psu.

im running it with a stock cooler


Nope, I'm still debating on which would be the best to use with it. Still looking at some options, any suggestions?

this is kinda random guys, 

but do do u guys know any good micro atx cases that i could get for my build?


Your build had some major flaws, also, if you ane not going to be OCing at all, you might as well get a 6 core.


If you have any slight desire to OC, you might avoid that motherboard.  http://www.overclock.net/t/946407/amd-motherboards-vrm-info-database

the phenom cause the fx acctually has 2 cores

No contest Phenom is a much better cpu it will oc to 4ghz it has 4 real cores unlike the FX chips