Future Proof Serial Console Server options

Working on a solution for serial console servers that often go out of date without updates I was looking at https://freetserv.github.io/ and then found 32 Port RS-232 USB-to-Serial Adapter - Coolgear which is working well. I am attempting to document it at Tech/Hardware/USB-32COM-RM - lathama and have used a per user solution.

Which method would make the most sense for people?

  1. SSH per user to a single IP address
  2. SSH per port to a single IP address
  3. SSH per IP address

An HTML5 based solution coming soon.

This is really interesting, it never occurred to me that RS-232 was used for anything large scale other than legacy support.

What kind of application is something like this used in?

Freetserv list a few as well.

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