Future graphics card upgrade

i was thinking of upgrading my graphics card... i am currently running an xfx 9800 gtx black edition on an evga 780i motherboard. my question is should i upgrade to another 9800 gtx or, should i upgrade to a 4870x2 when it comes out knowing that i will only be able to run one in my system

if you allready have a 9800gtx, the cheaper option is to buy another 9800gtx, which 2 9800gtx's will compete head to head with a 4870x2 with the 4870x2 having the slight edge.

can you even run a 4870x2 in a 780i. i mean with the 3870x2 manufactures did not report it as a compatible chipset.

these are the boards they said were compatible with the 3870x2

Compatible Motherboard Chipset


AMD 790X

AMD 580X

AMD 480X

ATI CrossFire XpressTM 3200

Intel® X48

Intel® X38

Intel® 975X Express

Intel® P965 Express

Intel® P35 Express

im not quite sure, it is a single card but its a dual gpu. even if u can, id still just get another 9800 seeing as how cheep they are geting.

yeah i might just get 2 more and run in tri-sli

sounds like the smarter choice to make, imo

tri sli 9800gtx will pwn the 4870x2 fyi

just the 9800GTX since the780i is SLI, and since you already have one

You should wait until the benchies come out for the 4870 X2. Because it might be a freakin beastly beast and run Crysis at 3,000 fps. Because no one care about any other game performance. They just wanna say they can play Crysis on Very High with a playable frame rate.

also another question... should i go for another black edition or go with a standard clock from like evga or a cheaper manufacturer and save some money?

um i think (but am not sure) that if you get a slower clock one both cards will run at the slower speed. Ive heard it many times iv just never looked into it myself.

i think you can run different brands and clock speeds together i would just have to overclock the other two to match the black edition

that would be so wierd runnnin 1 xfx and 2 of some other company