Fusion 360 for Linux

So I’m at the point where I really wanna switch to using Ubuntu 20.04 completely (right now I have a dual boot) but the main thing stopping me is that the CAD software that I use, Fusion 360, doesn’t support Linux, but I heard that some people were able to use wine to make it compatible. Does anybody here know how to do that or have you done it? If so are there any bugs?

Haven’t tried, but your first bet is to look at winehq to see the entries there.

You’ll probably need dxvk to make it work well…

I’ve been tempted to give this a try in the past, when I get some time, I’ll do a bit of research.



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Thanks I’ll look into that, and would there be any downside or performance decrease from using directx 9 instead of 11? And why wouldn’t 11 work if 9 will?