Fury's fail after being in crossfire help

Well i build my friend a pc and it was doing good my other friend got a basically the same build and i asked them if i could use their gpus in one system for a test (3dmark) now after the test the partent fury card has issues at post its locking up and stuff but after 1-5 reboots it works again the leds for power draw still light up and other times they dont i updated bios on the mobo changed the ram cleaned up the os and still having issues tried diffrent psu added a speaker for beep codes got none i have no idea whats going on http://pcpartpicker.com/p/RsdKrH for parts list what is this issue?

Possibly a defective card?Can you try both the cards in another system to see if the problem persists?

i have and no issues the mobo passes with out the gou and the gpu passes in a other system this one is magic to me guys

Sometimes computers components do Voodoo stuff, its not anyone's fault and all the parts are working fine.
Return everything to stock settings, 1 stick of ram, hard reset cmos as well and reseat the CPU.

will do and report back

well that worked but opon a reboot did the same thing
got slightly mad and put the case of the pc on its front and it started to work... magic

Sounds to me maybe the PCI-E socket is damaged from the sounds of things. Do you notice any damage on the PCI-E?

checked and i just thing this is voodoo magic it has no visible damage from my eyes point of view

posting pics for help

Alright, gotta love computer problems that hide from ya. lol.

on g+ the and the pic are here https://photos.google.com/u/0/album/AF1QipPzsXClM16L2QfS6VLu8dl6z9BHNd4GF8lZlQ4a


Use imgur or something similar.

http://imgur.com/a/qGCd7 also found a lint from my hoodie in the pcie slot it was realllllllllllly small had a magnifing glass out to find it

Is the chicken sandwich overclocked?

This motherboard only supports Crossfire/SLI in a x8/x8 configuration. That may be your problem.