Funny Skit I Did With Some Friends

I do all of the editing of our videos, let me know what you think, any improvements/what we could do to make it better.Subscribe if you like them :)[color=#000000; font-family: Arial, sans-serif; white-space: pre][/color][color=#000000]

that was pretty epic i must say.

haha lol crack up dude

haha, glad you guys liked it, subscribe if you wan't were going to be putting up a new vid once a week.

OI mate, did you know that chunkster you jumped on or was that improved?

If it was, 5 stars.

If not, 4 stars.

awesome 10 stars

LMAO,how long did you get banned for?

^^^^^^^^ lol

and A Day To Remember is fucking awesome!

when are the new videos>?

We usually upload 1 - 2 a week, were going to have a super epic one coming up soon, subscribe if you wan't to know when it's up. :)
I'll most likely post it on here again if I don't forget.

there have been like no uploads

Awesome, I give it a 4/5. It appears the skit was pretty well planned out, and edited very well. However, if you can, next time try to maybe take a tripod with you for the camera, it will make the results very pro. I do/did alot of video editing at school, and can tell you that it makes the audience in some cases dizzy watching a shaky image. That being said, if you could try to not shake the camera as much next time, and cut down on the excessive pan and scan, you all will be pros at your skits.

Hope this helped.