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Ftbbeyond (modded minecraft)


has anyone had any success with ftb mods? i use curse on windows but there isn't a linux client and all of the options i have tried don't seem to work for ftb beyond.


so after rummaging through all the different settings and increasing the java memory amount it is now locking up on one of the mods.

I like the game but not enough to spend hours trying to get it running.
Funny thing is the server files installed and ran flawlessly on my dedicated server.


I use the old FTB client available here:

The "Linux" version is just the Java Archive and works the same as the Windows/Mac version and should have most of the packs as the Curse/Twitch Client.


If you copied the Windows "version" of the pack and forced run it on Linux it will likely fail due to not having the proper system specific libraries (mainly sound and a few others).

The server works as there are no client os specific libraries so it runs like a normal Java application.


i got the linux version of FTB but for some reason ftbbeyond just doesnt want to run.
I am testing skyfactory3 now will let it run while im asleep and see how it goes.


Odd, I'll check to see if I have the same problem on my Linux box later today.


well looks like it got stuck while loading the absorbtion hopper as well.
this is a tad weird.


wow i feel like such a noob.

looks like it was running out of memory. changed memory values in multimc and away it went (skyfactory that is).