FS: Corsair AX760i Power Supply

For sale is a brand new Corsair AX760i power supply. This is the version that supports Corsair Link.

$180 dollars shipped, or $170 picked up. It's literally brand new.

I won this in a contest. It just shipped to my apartment today. The unit has only been opened to examine all parts and test the PSU.

This PSU has a "self-test" button. I have also tested it in my current computer setup (with my Seasonic power cord). Working as intended.

NOTE - this PSU comes with a BRITISH STYLE POWER ADAPTER. Meaning it won't plug into your wall. You will have to get a converter, or get a new adapter. Usually, the ones from different PSUs all work together (for example, my Seasonic power adapter plugs right in without a problem).

Selling it from the United States. If you're in the Los Angeles area you can pick this up in person.


Hey, saying that " it won't plug into your wall" makes it sound like you don't ackowledge the Europian members in this site. It would be more understandable if you said your only shipping to places that are not in Europe.

I can ship it to Europe but I think shipping will be pretty high. So buyer will have to pay for shipping in that case. 

Price dropped.

Price drop again $180 shipped. BRAND NEW.

Price drop to $170 shipped.

Eh... bump. Surely someone is building a system and needs a PSU.

Bump. =_=