Frozen Synapse 2, Due Process & Astroneer | PAX-EAST 2016

At PAX East we check out the indie megabooth featuring Frozen Synapse 2, Due Process, and Astroneer.
Let us know what you think.

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Frozen synapse looks gud
Sorta reminds me of uplink from the map view lol

Astroneer looks really fun. It'd make a great PGP game if it were co-op.

Link dump :P

Frozen Synapse 2


Due Process



Steam Page

Frozen Synapse 2 looked interesting but I won't play it just because well I have better to play. As for Due Process I just got the Counter-Strike series for free winning it in some online contest so no need to play a game like Due Process when it comes out when I have the best series ever of the same game style to try. Finally in regards to Astroneer it looks like something I want to play in terms of game play but the graphics need to be ramped up a little.

Don't mean to be a stickler for detail, but I believe Tokyo 42 (the isometric looking game) to be a different game to Frozen Synapse 2. Could be wrong though :D

Due Process looks really good. Need to gather some friends as soon as it is available.
PS: Where can I buy the intro music?