Frozen Dungeness Crab Question

The other day, my mother's friend gave us a few frozen dungeness crabs... We often have them during the summer, but we always cook them right away, and have never given any thought to whether you can freeze them or not.

I tried googling if you can keep them frozen but I only got "most humane way to keep them for a few days" and stuff like that. They are already frozen, google, I don't really care at this point. Lol, anyway, is it safe to keep them frozen? I know that sounds stupid, but I've never froze dungeness crab before.

you smelll

I would imagine it should be alright... You can buy frozen crab legs at the store. As long as they were frozen not long after they were killed.

Like fllloowerssss??? :)

... :| I can't believe I just did that.