Front pannel connectors

Hello everyone me again :P

I am having some trouble with the front pannel connectors (mainly the power and reset switch).

My motherboard is an asus p8z77-v lk and it tells me to plug in the power and reset switch as shown here.

the problem is i dont know wich wire is the ground one.

can anyone help me out :o?

pictures of both the manual and the cables in question are here:[email protected]/

Thanks to everyone that has helped me so far with my gunk crysis :P

and thanks to everyone that will help!


The white wire is ground I believe

The ground really does not mater when it comes to the power switch and reset switch, all you have to do is make sure they are connected to the right pins. Ignore the color of the wires, just make sure that the you plug them into the right pins.

Thanks man!

Thanks again John :P

In a few minutes ill turn it on and see if it posts.

wish me luck haha

Goodluck! Make sure you go over all the motherboard connections and you flip the power switch on in the back of the power supply.

Hey john just one more thing.

the speaker plugs say 5v+ ground ground and speaker. (4pins total) but the case came with a tiny speaker that only has 2 wires one red and one black meaning the 2 middle holes dont have any wires.

the case manual does not refference neither that speaker wire nor the other front pannels headers.

so i dont know wich way to plug it in.

i have posted some pictures of the speaker.

Thank you again :P[email protected]/

It dos not matter either which way you install it as long as it is in the correct pins. I just tried on my intel system and the speaker worked either way, so you can not mess up ;)

Thanks man :P

Let us know when she lives and how bad ass she is!

Hey john i just turned the pc on and it works every fan works except when i get to the american megatrends page it says cpu fan error and it beeps 3 times 

What is wrong?

but everything is plugged into the correct spot and the fan is spining

Did you plug in the CPU fan into the the right connector on the motherboard?

Here are what the beeps mean:

Looks like you should power your pc down, turn off the back of the power supply and reseat your ram. Then we can go from there and see if we can narrow it down.

i repluged the fan and this time it didnt beep nor did it give me the fan error.


now i just need to find how to boot from a usb device :P


Go into your BIOS, and look around for it. You should be able to choose boot priority device from there to install your windows, and while you are there take a look at your CPU temps and make sure all your ram is detected as well as your hard drive.

Cpu is running at 26ºC

mobo at 18ºC

In my boot options it only shows my SSD and the seagate barracuda drive.

maybe i have to plug in the flash drive first then choose to boot from there?

Turn off the pc, plug in the USB drive and start it up. KEep pressing F8, it should take you to a boot choosing screen and you can boot from the USB flash from there.

i plugged the usb drive in and it recognized it.

one thing i forgot to do before i transfered windows into that pen was turning it into a bootable usb device :P


im just having some trouble creating the bootable drive.

i plug in the usb

type diskpart

list disk

and the usb doesnt pen doesnt show up

That should be a fairly painless fix, get to it and get that rig up and running, the games are taunting you!

EDIT: I do not have the slightest clue, i use a temp DVD drive to install windows then remove it.