Fried my computer

Hey guys so I think that I fried my main gaming PC. I wanted to figure out what it was that fried the computer so that I don’t make the same mistake as it was right after plugging in these two devices . The first one was the Cooler Master Addressable RGB 1-to-3 Splitter Cable with Gigabyte 3-pin ARGB Adapter and the second one was Corsair commander pro.
With the argb adapter I was connecting my h500m master case fans to my arous x470 ultra gaming I’m thinking maybe I connected it to the wrong place or I I know there is a jumper setting for 5v or 12v as with the commander pro I doubt that could be at fault but I did connect my wraith cooler fan into USB header.

So basically what happens after plugging these two things in I power on the computer and my wraith fans lights started flickering and then there was a burning smell and the computer wouldn’t post so I turned it off and tried again after about an hour and again got the burning and no post.
Any ideas as to what could have happened?

Probably plugged stuff into the wrong stuff, would be my guess.

Yeah since the wraith cooler flickered and according to the motherboard error light saying the CPU failed I’m guessing it happened because of connecting the wraith cooler USB cable into the commander pro. But if that’s the case that’s weird as I thought the commander pro USB ports act as a normal hud?

unplug all the fans including cpu, drives, the two new parts, gpu if you have a igpu, ect. you want your psu, mobo, cpu, gpu if you must, and ram plugged in and nothing else.
try to boot to bios and if that doesnt work try with a new psu if you can get one and if that doesnt work rma your motherboard.

No yeah I tried that and it didn’t work so I RMA both my motherboard and CPU which that probably was unnecessary but I would like to know if I can plug all my things back in. I don’t want to risk frying it again so I’m thinking of skipping the rgb and stuff but it does look kinda ulgy without rgb since my case is fully tempered glass

I just find this so weird as I don’t see how the commander pro could fry my computer and as for the rgb I made sure that the jumper was set to 5v

the RGB cables if I remember right aren’t actually Keyed Physically so even though they only go one way, they’ll plug in, in two different ways, one correct one incorrect, its possible you did the incorrect way and sent voltage where it shouldn’t

I hate RGB for this exact reason, litterally every other connector in the computer is PHYSICALLY KEYED


So I probably also damaged my rgb fans no?

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