Fresh install of Windows 10 won't accept Windows 7 Key

My partners laptop was running so slow, the only way I could install Windows 10 Upgrade was with a fresh install. I literally reformatted the whole laptop to get rid of everything. When I went to activate it, it refuses to activate with a genuine Windows 7 Home Premeium OEM Key. I contacted Microsoft and they told me I needed to get the restore media from the manufacturer but they don't support the laptop any more now. So I couldn't reinstall Windows 7 and do the upgrade through Windows and I'm left having to purchase Windows 10 and as its my partners birthday on Wednesday I said I would have it ready for her.

Now could I ask for a refund do you think if I contact them again because I have a valid Windows 7 key and it's supposed to be a free upgrade after all. I lent my Windows 7 OEM disc to a friend and he can't find it and swears he has given it back to me so that is another reason I had no option but to buy Windows 10 for her.

If you can have a key you can just download a copy of 7 from anywhere on the internet and put it in and it should work. Then upgrade to 10 through 7 like you're supposed to.

I know but I with BT and every torrent site is blocked by my ISP. I would have done that otherwise. bypasses BT and virgin media blocks. (and its free)

This might work for you then?

Windows 7 Home Premium

No that gave me a message saying the key was for pre-installed software and that I will need to contact the supplier.

I tried that on my PC whist I was trouble shooting before I did the install to see if I could refresh the PC or reinstall Windows 7 again as I had a hunch this would happen.

I have not used this download before but its hosted at a reputable firm (check whois on IP). It is a trial version of win 7 and the link is not a direct download.

Then if activate Windows 7 online fails you can just activate by telephone by running (win+r) "slui.exe 4" choose your country, dialing your specific number and follow instruction.
It works 100% half the times.

So I had to install clean windows 10 on 5 identical laptops, and so I thought I'll just do it on one, and then clone the disk four times. The issue I am now running into, is that I don't have windows 10 keys for all five Laptops.
What can, or should I do? Do I really have to install Windows 7 on all of then again, just to get the Keys, and then Install Windows 10 again? isn't there a simpler solution?

You need an OEM disk to do the installation, it's the only way it will accept the OEM key. A retail disk won't work with a OEM key and vise versa. Any OEM disk will due.

What brand laptop is it?

I'm in the middle of moving and took my server down today. If you don't have this resolved I'll make a new ISO and host it Friday. If you don't hear from me just send a PM.

All retail copy's of Windows 7 can be activated by oem keys as long as its for the same sku.

x64 copies can be activated via x86 keys as well.

The install disc won't accept it, but activating though control panel after installation will.

Source: I have tried it a few dozen times, all attempts have been successful.

This is true, I've done it a million times myself.

Also if you remove the ei.cfg from the Windows7 .iso it will allow you to install all the different SKU's.

You need to re-install Windows 7, activate it on the laptop, then upgrade to Win10.
Microsoft will then add an entry to their database with that specific hardware ID, and from that point on you can do a fresh Win10 install on that laptop.

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