Freeze, artifacts, and restart

his happens in both windows and linux.

Here’s what it does after it freezes, goes black, and then comes back:

Here’s what it does when i try to go to terminal to restart it:

Is this GPU? I’ve not been able to find any tests to nail down what’s actually causing it.

dmesg after crash:

Please show the output of dmesg

Here you go. Just to let you know I don’t really know what I’m looking at here:

Sorry, I should have been clearer. Please show the output of dmesg after it crashes out.

That makes sense. When it crashes I normally hit Ctrl-Alt-F4 to get to terminal to restart it. Sometimes it doesn’t let me type and just repeats the line in the picture. What should I do to break out if that to run the command?

I only know enough in linux to get myself into trouble.

It depends, it sounds like the entire system may be crashing out, perhaps use SSH to connect to it remotely and run dmesg -w, this will follow the output live until the system crashes.

Ok, I was able to SSH into it and got the log:

Looks like it may be an issue with AMD GPUs and MSI motherboards?
I did update my BIOS recently, but the issue was happening before and after the update.