FreeBSD host possibility in future?

I know it’ll take time and work, and FreeBSD’s support for the necessary mechanisms is kind of raw at the moment, but is there a possibility for FreeBSD hosts using bhyve in the future?

Concrete info is hard to find, but D33129 on FreeBSD’s Phabricator says it’ll add actual passthrough support; and xen-tools on Freshports says ivshmem builds on RELEASE-12 and above supposedly? Again, it’s been hard finding info, if anyone has info disputing what I’ve found post it.

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Pretty sure bhyve gpu passthrough is in some pre-alpha stage where only wizards can make it work on anything other than a certain operating system with certain hardware. Did that changed recently?

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According to thread 83152 on the FreeBSD forums, and " BHYVE GUESTS WITH HARDWARE ACCELERATED GRAPHICS" by Yan Ka Chiu: FreeBSD and Linux guests work, but not Windows just yet.

I’ve been using bhyve (without gpu passthrough) running Linux (Debian) just fine for a few years.