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Free to use 3d modeling software to help design wood desk

as the title says, im looking for a simple and free 3d modeling/ design program to help me plan out a wood desk.

It’s free for hobby use.
So maybe it’s not simple but it is the actual kind of CAD software that will help you actually design something that is intended to be made in the real world.

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FreeCAD, although I don’t like it.
30 day demo of SolidWorks would be my choice for the task.

Wings3D… Super simple to use…

SketchUp is good but not really intuitive, so you would have to watch videos to learn. I’d imagine most programs like that have a learning curve. There is a 3D warehouse with tons of different desks other people have designed. It may be substantially easier to find something close to what you want and tweak it vs trying to build from scratch.

I’ve seen several tutorials that were hot garbage and run you around in circles, or leave out vital info like when they use hotkeys and don’t tell you how they did it, or use Mac hotkeys that don’t translate. The SketchUp for Dummies stuff on YouTube is good, as well as the Woodgears videos:

Making every piece a component will save you a boatload of grief if you ever have to go back and change something.

Fusion360 gets my vote.

There’s also OpenSCAD and FreeCAD for the FOSS inclined, but they aren’t as intuitive and can be a bit clunky IMO.