Free Realms Ending on Monday

As of March 31st 2014, Free Realms will be shutting down for good. I personally started to not play about a year ago, However, When I did play for the two+ years I did, I loved it.

This is for the people who played and liked Free Realms but stopped.

All SC items are worth 1SC.

If you are one of those people, pick it back up and play while you can, It isn't coming back.

Free Realms In-Game name: Eevee Atm




(Please Keep this on top Till Monday at mid-night)

Meh, wasn't really hooked on in on PS3.

It was pretty good on PS3, but was turned off due to not being able to use same account / membership on it. I thought it was stupid because it is by the same company - Sony. :P