Free Humble Games

Im giving away the links from the Square Enix humble bundle for some games I dont want. These games will be given on a first come basis. They are:

Mini Ninjas

Anachronox (TAKEN)

Deus Ex: The Fall (Ew.) (TAKEN)

Deus Ex: Invisible War (Double Ew.) (TAKEN)

can i have them???? :P

deus ex still available?

Which game(s)?

As of right now, both are. Unless the guy who asked before you wants them.

I'd like Invisible war if possible, either would be fine not both.

Ill take Anachronox if you please :3

Just sent you a message with the links.

You got it, Just sent you a message.


Mini Ninjas if you are still offering it.



Whoops, totally forgot about this thread. I'll find the gift URL for you after class today.

*waits stoic*

dang i woulda taken mini ninjas that is a fun game i remember playing it a long time ago

Actually, give it to nfct. I decline.