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Free Game till Nov 18 2018 : Destiny 2



Thanks to PCPER I got the tip.

Reading the other thread on the forum…Don’t play with wine :frowning:


Or - as its free, create shitloads of accounts and completely inundate Bungie with WINE accounts and see if they allow Linux users to play too…



I never said it would be easy - even a tsunami is made up of individual water molecules :slight_smile:


Get the bots on it !!



I got Destiny 2 yesterday. I was reluctant, but what the hell it’s free!
I am really enjoying the game so far.

The deal is because the game is a year old the sales must have dried up. They just released an expansion pack ($80 for game + DLC). The expansion pack won’t work with free versions of Destiny 2. They are trying to get you hooked on the game so you pay for the whole thing + DLC.


… Really?

I didn’t know this was the case. I’m actually kinda mad now.


You can still play the whole original Destiny 2 game. The servers are active and plenty of people are playing online. It’s just that parts of the map are locked. When I clicked on the part of the map labeled ‘Forsaken’ it links to the store and they ask for $80.


Yeah, I just started noticing the walls. I’ve been playing on and off this past week.


I think the $80 is for all 3 expansions.

Blizzard asks for $100 for all 3 expansions and the base game.


Yes, this game is super fun to play and exciting also.


I still have not finished downloading it but the free windows is closed :frowning:

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