"Free" Asus RT-AC68U Router from T-Mobile

This is probably common knowledge but I thought I would share anyways.

I just recently switched from T-mobile from AT&T and called to inquire about T-Mobile Cellspot routers.

If your request it, T-Mobile will ship you a T-Mo branded Asus AC68U router at no cost.

Cheap way to get a very nice AC band router on a budget if you don't have the $$$$$.


The cons:

-The router remains t-mobile property so if you end your service you must return it.

-Custom T-mo Firmware, although flashing custom rom does not break the terms I have not tried it.

-If you flash a custom rom and break it , are burgled, or your house burns down while being swept away in a hurricane you are responsible for the cost to replace the device.


So I looked at the manual and you can turn it into a access point so it should work with a pfsense box. The interface looks like the basic Asus skinned DDWRT that all their routers have. 

I was going to buy an AC router but now I am going getting this for fucking free.

I am in such a good mood right now.

I should also add, instead of a Router you can request a Nextivity 4g signal booster (retail $575.00USD)

I'm not familiar with these, but it looks like some type of signal amplifier and repeater that consists of two components a "network" unit and "coverage" unit. It states you must have at least "1 bar of LTE" coverage where you are trying to use it and is only recommended when a broadband connection is not available as the router is a better solution.

Does it come with a free backdoor too? I don't want it if it does not have that. 



Just use it ass an access point and run it through a pfsense box. But from what I can tell it looks like it is the normal asus interface 

On the unit I got, the firmware was a indeed custom version of the Asus firmware. It had no dual wan support , asus download manager, and you could not disable QoS VoiP priority (the t-mobile WiFi calling feature).

I was able to flash the router back to stock Asus firmware using the asus recovery utility.

However I would not recommend doing this unless you are confident recovering hardware. Due to the chance of bricking the router and being liable for the replacement cost.


i would not  trust it. it's already been shown that ASUS routers have terrible security.


the universal plug and play issue was resolved along with shell shock and heart bleed both were pretty fast.