Freaking out

Hey guys i was just messing around playing rust and i was talking with this guys and he said that instead of building the $350 pc that these guys built he said i would be better off buying a 200 dollar graphics card and a 150 dollar pc from craigslist so guys please re assure me that this guy is a retard

since ive seen a quad core phenom desktop with 8gb ddr3 and 750gb hdd for $60 on craigslist before hes not a retard

While the craig'slist/decent GPU road is an option, it's not a good option.

I would do the $350 NEW PC, but with a decent GPU, taking it to something like $475. The extra money is worth it, and it's NEW. Moreover, what the hell is the person on craig'slist selling his PC for? Cause it's awesome? Cause it's sleek? I think not.

thank you all for the fast response and i totally agree

but any shot box for $400 will be pwnd by a quad core phenom, i dont give a shit if its new because ill rip it out of its case slap it in a new one replace psu and gpu and viola

id rather have a decent machine than a slow new one

thats like saying a new prius is better than a used ferrari. 

I like that analogy..

Craigslist kicks ass if you know how to shop smart. Its even better if the seller is willing to haggle.

atleast go up to $400