Fractal Design R4 Issues

Hello fellow forums people,

I am using a Fractal Design Define R4 as the case of choice for my gaming PC. I have never used another case before, but I went with it mainly because of it's optimization for sound dampening because I don't want my rig to sound like a damn jet engine. 

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone has the same case and maybe it does get a little bit loud? Especially at boot up... when I turn my PC on the fans get extremely loud for maybe like 5 or 6 seconds and it goes back to pretty quiet. Not sure why, but could this be normal? 

Also, just one more thing I noticed. On my side panel where the window is (yes, I have the windowed edition), it seems like it may have gotten warped somehow maybe due to heat or whatever it was, the top screw doesnt even match up with the hole that it's supposed to go in to, although the bottom part goes in just fine, the top side just clearly seems a little off. Now, this does expose some air to get out of the case, although nothing major, it is something I should consider replacing? It literally isn't even noticeable unless you're major OCD (which I am), which is why I bring up these few concerns.

If anyone in the forum can give me some advice or changes I could make it would be useful.

peace and love,


Your fans are run off your motherboard right? In that case dont worry about it. Your case wouldve also come with a fan controller that you can hook your fans up to and power via molex. So if you want to satisfy your ocd you can unplug your fans from your motherboard and run em off that and turn it to low (5v).